Synergy Solutions, Inc.
A Virtual Organization at Work
The single largest customer over the years is a rather unique customer and perhaps could better be described as a partner.  The Texas State University Continuing Education Department is formally the largest and longest tenured customer of Synergy.  In this relationship, Synergy is the performing entity for many of the contracts that are developed by the Quality Institute.  In this role Synergy is responsible for locating the funding, identifying the personnel, delivering the required service to fulfill the contract and resourceing and managing all personnel involved in a contract of the Institute.  In this role Synergy has delivered major services to the following organizations:

Office of Inspector General - Texas Health and Human Service Commission - Development of

Early Childhood Intervention - Health and Human Services Commission - Development of an econometric model for forecasting programmatic changes in service delivery methodology.
Division of Blind Services - Department of Rehabilitative Services - Developed and deployed a customer satisfaction survey for over ten consecutive years in order to assist the department in improving service delivery.
Texas Natural Resources Conservation Commission - Completed job analysis on all jobs associated with the Commission's licensing of Water Well and Surface Water workers and those involved in all aspect of Waste Water Treatment.  After determining the critical tasks performed in these job activities, the critical skills required were identified, curriculum to teach these critical skills outlined and the examinations for issuing the license were developed.
Texas Work Force Commission - Completed a job skills assessment of those occupying positions identified as "Program Managers" to determine if the functions performed met the criteria of a defined program manager.
Department of Rehabilitative Services - Health and Human Services Commission - Performed an employee satisfaction survey and completed an analysis of the results compared to similar surveys completed in the 25 years preceding the date of completion.  The results of this activity provided extraordinary information to the agency directing some critical changes in operation.
Department of Public Safety - Redesigned the Department's School Bus Driver Training Program allowing for an interactive training rather than a lecture based presentation.  The concept followed detailed examination of the critical areas school bus drivers must know and understand viewed from a maximum safety vantage point. 
Texas Rehabilitation Commission - Supported the Commission's transition of it's purchasing department to a buyer support program.  The skills required in the purchasing function were very different from those required in the buyer support operation.  Synergy identified the skills possessed by the existing staff and matched those skills with the newly defined job requirements and identified the key areas of training need to close the gaps. 
Texas Department of Transportation -  Re-engineering of the Human Resources Department involving examination of every function of the Department and a decision process for continuing, deleting or redesigning the function.
Medicaid Fraud Training for Texas Nursing Home and Community Based Facility Nurses
T.I.L.E. On-Line training for Texas Nursing Home care personnel
On-Line training for Community Based Activity personnel.
Correspondence training in both the Nursing Home and Community Based Facility personnel.
Synergy Solutions, Inc. has provided services to organization in a more direct service capacity than the above identified sub-contract roles.  The services have not differed greatly but the funding methodology has been different. 
Exxon Corporation - Provided skills assessment of 35 key executives affected by a deletion in a job function.  We assessed the skill requirements of a newly designed job which had never existed in the Corporation's history and matched the existing personnel with the new requirements and identified the training required to have those employees equipped to handle the new assignments.
Independent Living Council - Designed and made operational an interactive "community" designed to share critical information among disabled persons on the availability of resources and support. 
Wayport - Provided investigative services to the company on allegations of a civil rights violation by key personnel.  The company took a proactive position to examine the allegations and it's personnel policy based on recommendations received from our consultative recommendations.
First American Flood Services - Provided this specialty company a complete examination of it's personnel policy as related to civil rights and ADA.