Synergy Solutions, Inc.
A Virtual Organization at Work
Recognizing we operate as a virtual organization, we can assemble the expertise to address most any need management may have. Therefore to describe our services is to limit our capability to address your needs.  The purpose in the following description is to illustrate the tasks that we perform most often and have an existing set of skills available to draw upon. Where needs present themselves we will examine the ability to assemble the resources to address that need and openly inform our prospective customer if we feel we cannot meet your need.

Human Resource Services

Job Skills Analysis
- complete study of the critical skills required to perform a give job. This activity is often associated with classification studies to determine the pay of job that are compared to determine the talent demands of the employee.
Classification Studies - As in the above this function provides complete analysis of personnel activities as they are related to pay grades.
Personnel Surveys - See survey services for the use of surveys as an application of the general satisfaction in the workplace.  Our use of surveys in the personnel area fall more in the identification of determining the critical skills, task and performance behaviors required in a given set of job families.  See our discussion on this type activity in TNRCC customer discussion

Customer Surveys -
We design, deliver and interpret customer surveys to determine the level of perceived satisfaction your organization is delivering and how you can improve those customers.  We employ a number of different methods to encourage participation to assure the very best representation possible.

Personnel Surveys -  Recognizing that we consider employees customers, our personnel survey process is very similar to the above referenced service.  Obviously the construction of the instrument used has to be designed with the audience in mind and the incentive process is different, otherwise it is processed very similarly.

On-Line Computer Training -
Our on-line training has saved Health and Human Services of Texas several hundred thousand taxpayer dollars.  Faced with personnel cut-back we were able to design several nurses training courses that we were able to deliver on-line rather than have classroom presentations.  The programs were considered to be major assets to the employers of the nurses as they save them even more money in travel cost and lost time.
Energy -

Alternate Energy Production Storage -  Our interest in demonstrating the value in storing the off peak production from our vast wave,wind and solar energy production has led us to develop partnerships with various companies in order to take full advantage of the Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) batteries currently being manufactured.  For more details  contact us for the latest activities in this rapidly developing area. 

Eggs in My Pocket -  This delightful book represents the first of our publishing efforts. The first public book signing occurred at the Hill
Country Book Store, Georgetown, Texas and was creditied as drawing the largest crowd in the stores history.  To learn about the orgin of the book and the characters go to
.  The book can be bought from the website with credit card, paypal or personal check or is available from any of the online sources as well as leading bookstores.